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Want healthy eating to be easier and cheaper? Try these tips!

For many, one of the toughest things when trying to get healthy is the shopping. Trust me, that was me a few years ago.

The supermarket can be a scary place. There are so many aisles, where does one even start? And what other places are there to shop at? What about the price tag? Let me tell you, once you get the hang of it, healthy shopping can actually be very easy and even cheap! Here are my tips:

Shop in season

The foods you buy that are in season are usually the ones on special. There is such an abundance of that food (especially fruits and vegetables) that shops want to get rid of it as soon as they can so they can replenish the shelves the next day. Shopping in season is also a fantastic way to get variety from your food. The earth provides us with different nutrients from different foods at different times of the year - what a mouthful! Each season provides us with the nutrients we require. You can find a chart of what produce is available at different times of the year here.

Shopping in season is also the best way to eat organic without breaking the bank. Farmers Markets are an amazing way to get organic fruit and vegetables that are cheap and nutrient dense. By eating organic, you are avoiding pesticides, herbicides and pollutants that can do harm to our bodies. But don’t stress about eating all organic – each year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) develops a list of produce that should be best eaten organic. You can find an Australian version here.

Buy on special

Like buying in season, buying on special is a fantastic way to get cheaper healthy groceries. This includes anything from the supermarket – I’m talking dried grains and legumes, pasta, oils, nut butters, nuts, yogurt, meat, dairy and dairy alternatives etc. Buying peanut butter this way is legit the best – you can sometimes get brands like Mayver’s and Pic’s half price, who could beat that! Of course if you see fruits and vegetables on special here you can buy them too, but I personally prefer to know where mine come from! Stock up when you see any of these items so you don’t have to buy them every week to replace what you have already used for a more expensive price!

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is my favourite way to get my pantry items. You pay for the weight of the item you want to purchase, which in my opinion works out way cheaper. Bring your own glass jars and stock up! Shops like The Source Bulk Foods and Terra Madre have an abundance of choices of bulk items and often have specials. Check them out!

And who could forget Costco? That place legit the bomb and has anything in bulk – think nuts, grains, quinoa, chia seeds, superfood powders etc. Stock up so you have healthy ingredients on hand!

Shop the outskirts of the supermarket

My number one rule when shopping at the supermarket is to always fill most of your basket with groceries from the outer aisles. This includes fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, and refrigerated and frozen produce. Have you ever noticed how almost everything in the inner aisles are usually the canned and boxed stock? My theory is that they cramp most of the processed food into the middle areas so that people are drawn right in. Stick to the healthier choices people!

Head to the health hub

If you are wanting to shop healthy, look no further than your local health food store. That place is health heaven and almost everything you find there consists of wholefoods. Most stores will have a naturopath or nutritionist working to assist customers with any inquiries, do not hesitate to pop in and get some advice! Oh and you might also spend your whole pay check … just because of how obsessed you’ll get!

Buy online

Ordering nutritious produce and condiments online is a great way to stock up for cheaper prices! Some companies even have a yearly subscription that allows you to get produce at much cheaper prices. One of my favourites is Sprout Market, they legit have everything in terms of healthy snacks and condiments. There are many more out there that I am yet to try out myself!

Look into getting organic fruit/vegetable boxes

Ordering a fruit/vegetable box is a fantastic way to get organic produce that is cheap and in season! Most companies have a range of different box sizes to choose from so nobody feels left out. Whether you live by yourself or are part of a family of 6, there is a box for you! If you live in Melbourne I cannot recommend Organic Place enough – they personally come to your door and drop it off! What more could you want?

Order a weekly food box

Many companies have come out in recent years which give you the option to purchase a box overflowing with ingredients plus recipes you can use them for! Like fruit/vegetable boxes there are many you can choose from to suit your lifestyle, budget and family size. One company that always seems to pop up is Hello Fresh, I’m yet to try them out but I’m sure they’re good!

Still having trouble with making your healthy shopping easier/cheaper? Leave a comment below or head to the ‘Contact Me’ link and I will try and get back to you as soon as I can!

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