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Ashleigh currently consults from 3 In-Person clinic spaces, as well as an online clinic, providing 1:1 consultations.

Initial Consult

60 minutes

An in-depth assessment of your health overall, we will discuss your health goals, current health status, health history, family history, lifestyle (including sleep, movement/exercise, and nutrition), and other areas I deem necessary (often this includes gut health). Please bring any recent/past pathology/investigation results to help me get a better idea of your health. If I feel it is needed, I may order further testing such as functional or pathology tests. An individualised evidence-based treatment plan is then put together for you as recommendations prior to your next appointment. 


Return Consult

30-45 minutes

A follow-up consultation usually occurs 3-6 weeks after the initial consultation depending on your presentation. During this consult, we review your initial treatment plan, discuss test results. Any other health goals you would like to achieve are discussed and changes are made to treatment if necessary.


Acute Consult

20 minutes

For clients who are experiencing an acute condition that needs immediate support. This may include cold/flu symptoms, gastro symptoms, thrush, cold sores, headaches/migraines, period pain, hayfever, mouth ulcers, and urinary tract infections etc. 


Travel Consult

20 minutes

For clients who are planning to travel and want to support themselves and discuss strategies to not get unwell e.g. colds/flu, COVID-19, Bali Belly, parasites etc. 


Discovery Call

15 minutes

A discussion regarding what Naturopathy is and how I can best support you or if I feel you need to referred to another practitioner. This is a complementary service to potential new clients.

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