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Hello beautiful,

Welcome to The Holistic Appetite. My name's Ashleigh Horvat and I'm a Registered Nurse working in the Primary Healthcare setting (General Practice) and 4th year Naturopathy Student from Melbourne, Australia.

From a very young age, I always asked "why?". I searched for the root cause of everything, and was fascinated by why things happened in nature and in our bodies. Throughout my teens, I lost touch with this instinctual nature, up until I started to experience health issues myself in my early 20s. 

food, has become a predominant trend amongst today's Western Culture, especially with the rise of 'health foods' and negative 'advice' that is often seen in the media and socials. As a result, unhealthy habits such as over-exercising and eliminating specific food groups can lead to extreme weight loss and malnutrition, which in turn can give rise to other health issues such as hormonal imbalances.

For me, I believe that exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and herbal medicine/nutraceuticals where applicable are the key to living life to the fullest. Through battling with unhealthy habits of obsessive clean eating and over-exercising myself, I have discovered that it is so important to tune into my body, to nourish it when it's hungry, listen to it when it needs rest, and practice relaxation when it is stressed. And I believe you should too! You only have one life and one body. It cannot be replaced, so take care of yourself!

I'll be honest and tell you that it won't be a straight road; your journey to health cannot be reached overnight or next week, but instead through small steps throughout your life that will be unique for each individual.

Everything takes time and patience, so never give up on living a life worth living.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Stay Well,

Ashleigh xx

Over the past few years, I have developed a passion to inspire, support and assist others in their journey to achieving a healthy mindset and relationship with their body, where they feel nourished, strong and radiant. Through my own experience in the past of having a tough relationship with my body, food and exercise, I have ventured out to help others feel comfortable in their own skin.

Through my experience of working in my field thus far, I have come across the commonality of Chronic Diseases that are slowly destroying our nation. Obesity, T2DM, Hypertension, Mental Health Issues, and Eating Disorders are more common than ever before, with poor diet, inactivity and stress playing a major role. These conditions make me want to speak up and make the effort to help people turn their life around before it is too late.

Another issue that faces our society, is the desire to be thin, which can in turn result in the development of an eating disorder. A term known as 'Orthorexia', meaning an unhealthy obsession with eating 'clean' and 'healthy' 

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