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Change: pushing through the Discomfort to reach Comfort

Change is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. 2017 involved some change for me, but I really think 2018 will top it. Over the last few weeks, I have had a real think about where I am in my life right now. Who am I? What are my goals? Where do I want to be by the end of 2018?

For me, living with my family for the past 23 years has been one hell of a journey. It is legit a rollercoaster in my household. Many mixed emotions, particularly because I have many different believes and values to the rest of my crew. I have however decided it’s time to open a new chapter. It’s time to take care of me and be who I want to be. To not be defined by other people, but instead, make my own choices about how my life will pan out. I am so incredibly afraid of how I am going to achieve this goal, but in order to take this step, I really just need to bite the bullet and face the discomfort.

Whilst I have matured very much over the past few years, I truly feel that I won’t somewhat reach maturity’s full potential until I just let go and face the uncomfortable. You see, change cannot happen without discomfort. Discomfort is the very essence of change, because with discomfort we can reach beyond what we consider to be the norm for us, and instead, learn more, see more and be more. Change starts with looking at the bigger picture, opening our senses deeper and searching for truth in our destiny.

Change can be in many forms, whether it is spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical, environmental etc. Like all things, I have come to take a holistic approach to life, and this includes change. The impact one small change can have on many areas of our lives is absolutely remarkable. And whilst it may not always be positive, I truly believe that events in our lives happen for a reason. Just ride the wave life is propelling you at the given moment, and you will be end up at your destination eventually. And don’t get wrong, it will take time, and life cannot be perfect. We are constantly tripping over obstacles that make the journey even harder, but with perseverance results will emerge. Just like when you work hard at the gym, in the given moment it is a real struggle, but with time you see results. Whether it be today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or in 10 years. Just never give up.

Let's be honest, we live in a world where we just want to feel comfortable in everything we do. We refuse to challenge ourselves, to try new things, and instead of just taking the leap, we continue to dawdle in comfort. We search for a ‘quick-fix’, a Band-Aid, a ‘solution' to cover up the illness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, fear, and pain that we experience. This has definitely where I have been for the first 20 or so years of my life until I decided to study Naturopathy. I was truthfully afraid of finding 'me'. In fact, I didn't know who I really wanted to be. I hated discomfort; I had always associated a negative conation to it, particularly because I hate the feeling of losing control. Of feeling emotions. But it is now time for me to spread my big girl wings. I’m going to dip my feet in the water and dive into the infinite ocean we call ‘life’, riding every wave it throws at me.

Please just remember...

With discomfort comes comfort

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