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Turpins Falls - a must visit

Summer is a time to explore. I find that in the warmer months, I make the effort to get outdoors, explore and try new things. I live in the Macedon Ranges, a beautiful area located in the country approx 30-45 minutes out of Melbourne. And I never want to move away from here. Much of the land is untouched, the hills and mountains tower, and the plants are free to grow. I've lived here for most of my life. And in never fails to surprise me. There's always somewhere to explore or a place to visit.

For quite some time, I've been meaning to visit Turpins Falls, a stunning waterfall. Located about 10 minutes out of Kyneton, this billabong is nestled in a locality called Langley. You don't realise it's there though, because you have to drive down two long dirt roads to get there. But I finally got there, and it was definitely worth it.

The Campaspe River flows into the billabong, housing a large deep waterhole surrounded by a high rock walls. Sometimes the water falls, other times it doesn't. When I have gone, the water was flowing, and we could swim under the stream. It's such a magnificent feeling having pouring water falling over you.

I have been to many waterholes in my lifetime thus far, and I can tell you, Turpins Falls is one of the best. Nature thrives here, it is barely touched. It reminds me of those secluded locations in the middle of the country or central Australia. Whilst it can be quite busy at times, most people are locals and are pretty respectful. Everyone keeps to their own groups. You can even take your lylo or blow up flamingo and relax on the water until you are ready to go. Or have an endless swim from one side of the pool to the other. Absolute freedom.

Here I feel so in touch with nature. The water is magical, not too cold and not too warm. Perfect for hydrotherapy, to produce effects on different systems of the body and assist with natural healing. Not to mention the calm that comes about this, to be in touch with the very essence of life, H2O. Without water there would be no life. Water is critical for all body functions, allowing us to thrive. And it's vital in nature, permitting growth. It covers 71% of Earth, and whilst this seems like a lot, we should never take it for granted. This is why I take every chance I can get to get into some water.

And I can't forget to mention the flora and fauna that thrives. Oh goodness me it is beautiful. To hear the birds singing and the insects making the sounds of nature's orchestra. So if you're heading to the Macedon Ranges, please do not hesitate to give this place a visit, you will thank me for it.

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