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Never Say Never - Follow your dreams

Justin Bieber was right about one thing - 'Never Say Never', and whilst I don't like his music that much (sorry Beleibers), I can agree with him on that one.

'Never say never' - it seems so simple, but it can be tough to get your head around. See we live in such a fast-paced world where we want something to happen as soon as possible, otherwise we often just give up. I have been there so many times, and as I'm maturing I'm finally seeing that things do in fact take time if we really want them to happen.

I went into University fresh out of High School. I honestly didn't have a choice; I felt as though I had to go. Being the unmotivated person I was, my parents wanted me to enroll, instead of just sitting around doing nothing (which would have honestly happened because of how I was back then). I chose to commence my studies in a Bachelor of Nursing; as my dad said - 'there will always be jobs in nursing'. So off I went, the 1st year passed like a breeze, and then things started to get harder. Some people can deal with the placements and all the course content, but for me it was a tough time. I also went through a few struggles in my final 3rd year, which in a way have somewhat changed me in a positive way - influencing the person I am today.

If it wasn't for these difficult experiences, I may not have become the person I am today. I may not have found my passion for nutrition and overall wellness. Which is scary to think - what sort of person could I have been?

'What if' isn't however the thought process we should get caught up in. 'What if this happens?' 'What if that had have happened?' Dwelling on the future and past will only bring about more pressure and negativity upon yourself. Trust me, this is something I myself still struggle with and am coming to terms with now.

And it seems so cliche to live in the moment - to not think about the past and the future. But simply just grounding one's self - by taking some deep breaths, looking around you, listening to your surroundings - this can make a massive difference. Look at the positives and not the negatives. And if you do look to the future - only look for positive. 'I will do this....'- say it out loud, it sounds so convincing when you tell yourself or others that you're going t pursue that desire you long to achieve.

It's taken me quite some time to take the leap into deep end. But I'm finally doing it. I'm taking my first step into a dream that I has blossomed over the past few years. I've finally applied to enroll in a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine. And I am ever so excited and confused - but I'm just going with it.

For so long I had put this off - and it was all because I questioned by capabilities. I constantly asked the 'what if?' questions. Over and over. But finally I went against this negativity, and took the plunge into the positive. Of stating that 'I will study nutrition' - a major step in my journey to developing into the person I finally feel I want to be.

You see for me my dream felt so far out of reach because I thought that because I had graduated as a Registered Nurse, this is all that I would ever be. We live in a society where many of our parents and grandparents had only one career, and for most of them, they only aimed at making money for them and their families, in order to put food on the table and have a roof over their heads. But this is all changing. Finally, in the 21st century, many people are standing up for themselves and following their dreams into a career they long to achieve.

If you are not happy in your current job/career - listen to your heart. Follow your dreams. Be who you want to be. Don't let anybody else make the choice for you. Get all that negativity out of your life. Surround yourself with beautiful people who see the best in you and all that you are capable of.

Each and every one of us is unique - an individual who has their own personal destiny.

As they say 'Rome wasn't built overnight' - we simply just can't wake up one morning and expect to have achieved a goal in such a short period of time. Don't give up. You can do it!

*****So reach for the stars and pursue that ambition you've been longing to achieve *****

#Inspiration #Motivation

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